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covid-19 employee handbook pdf

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It was on July 28, 2017 when PDF 2

Open Documents As New Tabs In The Same Window (requires relaunch): Groups multiple documents into tabs when openedYou can also snap or pull out tabs as individual windows

covid-19 employee handbook pdf

Select a tab and drag the thumbnail that appears away from the toolbar, and then release the tabPrompt Before Closing Multiple Tabs: Confirms from the user before closing AcrobatShow Starred Files In Recent Tab: Displays the starred files as cards in Home view

covid-19 employee handbook pdf

Use Fixed Resolution For Snapshot Tool Images: Sets the resolution used to copy an image captured with the Snapshot toolEnable PDF thumbnail preview in Windows Explorer: Select to display PDFs as thumbnail preview in Windows Explorer

covid-19 employee handbook pdf

Touch Mode: Sets how Acrobat enters the Touch mode, if at all, for touch enabled devices

In Touch mode, Toolbar buttons, panels, and menus shift apart slightly to accommodate selecting with your fingersThis preference doesn’t correspond to an option in the Accessibility Setup Assistant

Accessibility preferences in Multimedia panel Show Subtitles When Available Play Dubbed Audio When Available Show Supplemental Text Captions When Available Show Audio Description (Or Video Description, Or Descriptive Video) When Available These preferences don’t correspond to any options in the Accessibility Setup AssistantAccessibility preferences in Page Display panel Zoom Sets the onscreen magnification of documents and allows low-vision readers to read reflowed PDFs more easily

This preference corresponds to the Override Document Zoom option in the Accessibility Setup AssistantSmooth Text Controls anti-aliasing of text

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