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the taming ofthe shrew pdf

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Always be careful of which programs you grant administrative rights to

However, for printers, certain elements can be modified within the PDFThese modifications do not change the overall design of a project, rather, these adjustments can be made, if necessary, so that a project is better adjusted to match press settings

the taming ofthe shrew pdf

These modifications may include adding bleed or margins to your project or converting your project to CMYK from another color model that may have been used to create the design5PDFs Maintain Quality Just because your artwork looks clear and crisp on your screen, does not mean that it will print that way

the taming ofthe shrew pdf

For example, sometimes images may look okay on your screen, but they can come out fuzzy when printed using the incorrect art file or low resolutionWhen setting up your artwork space and inserting images, using a Dots Per Inch (DPI) setting of at least 300 is required to ensure quality and clarity

the taming ofthe shrew pdf

PDF files for printing are recommended because PDF documents have the ability to preserve high-quality artwork while keeping the file size down making it the ideal format for printing

Common PDF Issues & How to Fix Them Although PDFs are the most reliable and recommended file format for printing, there are still a few common problems designers make when preparing the file for printThere you'll see the "Default apps" option on the left side

Click it to display your current default apps by typeSelect the "Choose default apps by file type" link at the bottom

Scroll down until you see the PDF file type listedYou'll see a button to the right either with the existing default application icon shown or one that says "Choose a default

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